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A 65 Riv GS 8K?


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Guest dwhiteside64

I agree that it's either a typo or the car is hot lol. From the pics it looks like a show car too. Anyone feel up to contacting the seller????

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Seems too good to be true. Body looks clean (would like more pictures), engine bay doesn't even seem to need detailiing, and the steering wheel and rest of the interior that can be seen is very nice, plus it is in CA. If it has lived there all its life hmmm. Might be time to see if it could be squeezed into the garage - and my wife is game?

Rock On


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I had a guy last fall trying to sell me a near perfect 65 Riv GS for 28K and when I researched it the pics were copied from a national auction. We talked about a dozen times as I knew it was a scam I wanted to see what he would do and where it all was to end up. Of course he wanted a down payment blah blah blah. I told him I had a friend who lived near by come see the car but he'd never give me an address. Finally I told him I knew he was running a scam and he finally disappeared from the scene.

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