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Ruidoso Excursion

William Rule

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I just returned from a ten day, 1,770 mile, tour in my ["So Called"] cheap convertible. I intended to attend the car show in Ruidoso, New Mexico, but The joy of a fine auto, smooth roads and Lincolon County lead me astray. But, I saw many rods and other eye candy doing "Billy The Kid Country" too, just apost-59602-143142773422_thumb.jpgpost-59602-143142773422_thumb.jpg Rollen' car show----I even saw another Reatta! White coupe Between Bent and Mescalero on 70-380 the third of October about 420 PM going east.





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Thanks for sharing those cool pics!

Driving a Reatta is an amazing experience that the "uneducated" simply don't understand.

Two weekends ago the wife and I drove our '89 coupe (The Red Zoomer) on a 500 mile round trip to visit my long-lost stepsister and stepbrother in Mishawaka, IN. They fawned over the car like it was something out of a time capsule. They both told me how cool it was to be able to tool around in such a "cute little sports car".

Yep, Reatta ownership is pretty special.

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Guest ensign83

Wife and I took a 2nd honeymoon there for our tenth annv. in '99, and points west like Silverton and cliff dwellings going home to San Diego, all in a Alfa Romeo 164. Red and FWD like my Reatta...:rolleyes: Saw a missile test from White Sands. Told her I'd like to be buried at teh Merchant Marine Graveyard as a vet...

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