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  1. I have two sets of almost new abs sensors for the front. These have become obsolete. They came of of wrecked cars in the early 90's I would like $300 a set delivered. I also have a set of new front springs that will lower the front. I had these so long I do not remember how much but they are new and are plastic coated to prevent rust they are $200 a set plus postage. Pay-pal 3% additional. Email at oregem@ aol.com or pm me Thanks
  2. zoltanb

    double din

    It could be if you are driving and trying to find a station but my main reasoning is for the back-up camera , hands free calling. I play the ipod most of the time. The android features are also useful for listening to internet stations.
  3. zoltanb

    double din

    Basically a dremal , shaved out the metal thinned the foam and fabricated a stiff strap from the shifter tunnel to hold the unit up, cut pu a spare face plate and glued it in place. All took about an hour with repeated measurements.
  4. I think $150.00 is fair, these would be great in a garage or at a show.
  5. zoltanb

    double din

    Do not know if anybody has tried this but here is my shot at it. I know the purists will cringe but it is time to up date. Every thing is reversible with a few spare parts. Also added back-up camera.
  6. Complete set of 8 they used to be in a dealership on a tall carousel as pictured. Make offer highest bid by Sunday gets them. Plus postage and pay-pal if you chose contact @ oregem@aol.com
  7. Time to unload some of my spares I have a complete oem set of bushings with original hardware $325 for the set plus postage I also have anew oem right front turn signal assembly for $225 plus postage. If interested please email me @ oregem@aol.com. Pay pay extra. Turn signal SOLD
  8. If you have a pin-out box for the abs computer in the trunk you can check the system, if not may I suggest trying another computer.
  9. If you are going to sand it be sure to wear a real good mask, that stuff is atrocious.
  10. Yes I had to shave down the rear of the faceplate to make the plexi lay flat and to fit close so it would not have a gap.