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  1. I posted about the clearcoat failure on my 90 Reatta, and ended up thinking that the solution that would make me happiest would have been a complete repaint of the car. I really liked owning the car for about 11 years, a low mile, mostly problem free car. Right now I have more cars than room for them. The guy that bought it intends to paint it and enjoy the car. I will be relocating in about a year and selling another couple of collector cars. After that time it would be great to find a nice Reatta convertible. Hope that I can continue to participate here once in a while.........
  2. My 90 burgundy (dark claret) clear coat has failed. It has come off of most of the hood, parts of the roof and trunk lid. It looks like a beater instead of a nice car. Can big sections of missing clearcoat be repaired, or will the car need to be repainted and coated? It is a fairly low mile car that I would like to keep longer. The midwest winters have finally caught up with it. Thanks!
  3. Ronnie, I have not posted for quite a while. I have always thought of you as someone who has helped this forum. Please consider staying and helping those who need your expertise. You are one of the good guys! Best, Bob
  4. This is my 90. I am the 2nd owner and have had it for about 10 years now. I love driving this car!
  5. Today, I started the car from its long nap since last Fall. Charged the battery and it started right up. Now it needs some exercise. Maybe new tires as well, due to age, not miles.
  6. My 90 Dark Claret has clear coat problems. Most is gone from the hood, a few spots on the top, and trunk lid starting to pop. Do they respray the clear coat and does anyone know a place that does this well near the Chicago I area? The car is now just over 65,000 miles, and I would like to keep it nice. It still has the original paint and pinstripes. Thanks!
  7. I have seen the unpainted aluminum finned wheels from the 89-93 Riviera on a few Reattas. They have a different kind of old style look to them, maybe Too different......
  8. There is a BP in Lake Geneva WI that I will fill up at if I am anywhere close, not too far over the border. In 1978 when ethanol was just coming out, I filled the tank of my 77 Corvette with just over 12,000 miles in Iowa, the engine seized just as I pulled in my driveway 225 miles later. I am not an admirer of ethanol or the politics behind it.
  9. Wonder if I could get some of that longhorn duct tape in red. It would go better with my interior. :-)
  10. My 90 dark red coupe has been living in the driveway, after the clearcoat on the hood said see ya. This morning I walked out the back door to find a thin layer of an oxide rusty red powder coating the car and every thing else nearby. Being just 2 miles north of O'Hare Airport I think we know who the culprit is. So, we have to have emissions controls and catalytic converters, and the Jets need nothing. Wonder why that is?
  11. My 90 Reatta still has the original exhaust and cat. I also had a 90 Riviera, same powertrain, and it was a quieter exhaust note on the Riv. Manufacturers "tuned" and engineered the exhaust note for the kind of sound they thought the customer might enjoy. Same deal with lets say a C4 era Corvette and a standard Impala or Caprice, and an Impala SS.
  12. I have to ask, because you mentioned the air bag light being fixed at the connector. Not trying to be a wise guy here either, but what do you think of the idea that now 25 year old airbags in our Reattas will offer any real protection in the event that we are in a crash, or if it will even deploy after all of these years. 50-50 possibility? Not that I want to find out the hard way.
  13. For the tire suggestion, I really like my Pirelli P4's, still offered in the original size for the Reatta.
  14. I view GM this way; my tax dollars helped to keep them from going down when the economy was really tough. Their general corporate attitude is not about keeping the GM customer happy or satisfied. A prime example, look at the GM Heritage Center, a place where the general public and most of their customers are not wanted. GM is now just all about the money. How sad.
  15. JalopyBob


    Sometimes doing the same thing for a long time just gets old. I started showing my cars in April 1967 at the AACA show in Grayslake IL, usually the first show of the year, and held at the old Lake County Fairgrounds. I was 16, and it was the opening of an exciting new world for me. When one has done something for a long time sometimes like the rose, the bloom fades away. The same way with forums, I think, for some people. Generations fade away, and the change comes when the younger ones have other interests than ours. Hopefully this type of forum will not just fade away as well.
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