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  1. Barney, I'll echo your sentiments about voting for BCA Board members. As a Board alumni I can personally attest to the worthiness of the venture. Although many things within the BCA have changed since I sat on the Board, it's still a cool way to be intimately involved. Good luck to the candidates, Bob Leets Flint, MI
  2. I'm on Kevin's team. Frankly, don't care if my two babies EVER increase in value. I'll love 'em, and enjoy driving them, just the same. It was NEVER my intent to own an 'investment' when I bought either car, even though the '91 was a very limited edition. I've several friends who have older Corvettes who think they're the best thing since sliced bread and K-cups and think my Reattas are 'cute' little cars, but that's all. "Can't compare to a Vette", in their opinion. I wouldn't trade any of them even up and have expressed that more than once to a couple Corvette snobs. I
  3. OK, guys, check this out........I spoke with an owner of a reputable auto repair shop today in Swartz Creek, MI, who told me he knows of a right-hand drive Reatta (year unknown) that is owned by a wealthy Canadian fella and it's stored in a warehouse in Swartz Creek. Supposedly it was built for export to the UK. He said this person comes to town annually and takes it for a spin around the neighborhood in spite of the fact that it's not licensed or insured because there is no title for the car. I know this sounds like a wild tale, but perhaps someone out there has heard of this?
  4. Not to worry........three years ago my wife bought me a '89 coupe for Father's Day. (what a wife, right?) It was a good running car, but needed some immediate TLC, including a new headliner. I took it to a local professional trim shop here in town. It was ready the next day and looked like a brand new car for LESS THAN $200. Even more important, it still looks as good as the day I picked it up from the trim shop. Good luck,
  5. Barney, Happy to hear Nancy is on the mend. Take good care of her and then restock the fridge!
  6. Yep, I've got a story. Several weeks ago I had just backed out of my parking spot at the corner supermarket when I glanced in the rearview mirror a saw a young man walking toward the back of my '89 coupe. At first I didn't notice he had something in his hand then, KA-BUMP, he walked right into the back of my car!! I heard him holler "Oh S***" then saw him bend over. I threw the car into park, then jumped out, just in time to see him picking up his smart phone. Yep, you've got it.......the little SOB was texting and was so oblivious to the real world he walked right into my
  7. Little by little I've been replacing original parts on my '89 coupe daily driver with 129,450 miles. In early June the alternator crapped out about two hours away from home, but I was able to drive it back (with all the noise at low idle) and get it replaced without any other issues. Then, on Tuesday of this week the original harmonic balancer went South. Out of the blue, with NO advance notice, and the loud noise about took me out of the seat. No sweat, it was fixed the next morning. Today, while driving around town running errands, I noticed the temperature climbing. climbin
  8. I drive my '89 coupe daily, but I'm far from being a mechanic. Know just enough about fixing cars to be dangerous. However, I also know a couple great mechanics who I trust and don't gouge me when I need some work performed. They take good care of me and my pride and joy.
  9. Just curious......what is your average engine temperature when driving around town during a 90 degree day? My '89 varies from 210 to 224, depending on speed and/or how long I sit at a light, etc. It also seems to run slightly cooler if I run the A/C on low rather than high in the auto mode. What say you?
  10. Installed an AC Delco remanufactured alternator and belt today on the '89 coupe. Now, here comes the sad, bad story...........the wife and I drove over to Grand Rapids (about 125 miles) last Saturday to attend our grand daughter's college graduation. The car ran great, no problems whatsoever, until we got off the e-way to go to our motel. At the first stoplight the noise coming from under the hood sounded like an elephant stampede! With heavy heart, and light foot, I drove the half mile to the motel then raised the hood before going in to register. All the racket was 'up front and per
  11. Belated Merry Christmas to all. Yesterday it was 45 degrees, brilliant sunshine, and dry as a bone throughout southern lower Michigan. Just right for a nice drive in the '89 coupe from Flint to Grand Rapids to visit one of the kids. Can't get much better than driving your Reatta in Michigan on Christmas day. HO HO HO!!!! Bob
  12. Don, I could use a decent RH power mirror, provided it's in working order and fairly priced. What say you? Bob
  13. Yep, that's what I've been told. Never (thank you, Lord) worked in one myself, but have heard LOTS of wild stories. Most every plant has a party store, or three, across the street. The half pints of booze fly off the shelves during break times and "the boys" sip the rest of the shift away. Guess where they disposed of the empty bottles........rattle, rattle, rattle.
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