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  1. The black faced gauges in my Alfa are more to my taste. They are from a later year Alfa. The Alfa purists chastised me cutting up a "classic".
  2. Brenda: Yes, I replaced the top myself with an EZ top from Kingsley. Over the years I've installed several Reatta Tops. If you search the forum you will find photos of at least three tops I've installed There is a fine " how to" post on Ronnie's sight. Really, not a difficult task if you have a HOT environment in witch to work-----110-115 degrees. You should have no problems. The thing I would like to upgrade is the top pads. Every Reatta convertible photo I've checked could use better pads. I've posted this problem before and gotten no response. I must put a plug in for EZ tops-----My black convertible came with an OLD EZ top. It had some damage from a fallen tree branch [big white patch], but looks really good other wise and it operates smoothly with on hand------does not care if the front or rear latches first-----just flops into place!!! Preparing the front bow will require a whole NEW thread; I'd like to keep this about replacement instruments.
  3. Ordinarily I would NOT post what I plan to do. I suffer from delusions of grandeur. So I show only what I have done----big brakes front and rear, Ice chest, heated seats, etc. Some of my mods have been magnificent failures! Most recent was my attempt to replace the ugly Mickey Mouse rear view mirrors with cameras only to discover they act as wind wings too!!!! I want to make my White convertible more driver/owner friendly. I have deleted most of the security system and added manual over rides to eliminate much of the BCM functions-----pull cable trunk release and so forth. I well may be over my head on this one so I ask for input now. I like the "steam gauges" in my Piper Cherokee----glass panels suck. Brenda: Oh yes, I really like factory pin stripes. My white convertible was hail damaged. I replaced the hood, front fenders, top and boot and trunk lid then painted it code 10 white. I used single stage paint so I have to let time pass before I can shoot the black stripes. Sorry about the blue coupe photo------I'm trying to flip it to a third party and keep the tires. Surely, I'm Reatta obsessed. I've lost track of how many Reattas I've played with-----The count right now is two convertibles, two coupes and seven parts cars.
  4. I Posted the wrong photo ---Sorry! This is the correct photo.
  5. When the top is down and the sun is to my back I can not read the instruments. The street rod folks have provided a plethora of instruments styles for their creations. The photo is the dash in my 1949 Studebaker pickup [chevy 350/350]. I'm about to order a PREMIER style sixpack from HANELINE PRODUCTS. I have already deleted many of the functions of the BCM from my white convertible. I've sold its' speedo cluster, steering wheel, radio/CD, power antenna, trunk key lock, coin holder, ashtray and badges on Ebay to pay for this mod. Stay tuned!I dont know how to remove the blue car I bought yesterday.
  6. Zoltanb: Nice work! Here are photos of my similar install. I did the mount lower and made a shelf for extra CD. The install is ten years old. I've been very satisfied; however the Pioneer has become quite dated and will be replaced soon. The cage is for a one DIN . Oh, check out the cup holder that I whacked into the armrest at the same time---also has worked will. This mod isn't easy and you did a fine job! Be happy!
  7. A coupe and a convertible! The best of both worlds. Fine photos too.
  8. Not my black convertible. Parts of it are in the paint booth recovering from surgery. My back yard is the north rim of the Black Canyon National Park, Colorado. Is that the "{Highy 92}" of witch you speak? Are you in Colorado? What you been smoken'.
  9. Handmedownreatta: I don't think your wheel are that ugly.
  10. Please, please buy this driver Reatta so I can't. 970 986 2189 My "collection" is too large!
  11. I spotted this Reatta in Grand Junction, Colorado this afternoon. The owner lost leg and needs a wheelchair able suv, van; etc. Will trade!!!! His name is Rocky ----Phone number 970 986 2189. As you can see in my photos the car is very dirty inside and out. It has a three inch crack in the lower left corner of the windshield that goes a bull's eye to the bottom. What looks like rust showing around spot weld in the left wheel well is really road damage [the plastic liner is beat to crap--maybe a tire came apart?]. I see NO RUST any where else. As you can see by the date code the high dollar summer tires are a year old and show no mileage at all----rubber **** still visible. The door panels are VERY fine. I could find no chips or dents. Under the dirt is a fine FACTORY paint and pin stripe. Spend a hundred with Jim Finn, detail this Reatta and enjoy a good rust free survivor! I would have bought this driver today if it had a tan interior AND I still might. This is not a beater. It will clean up and look great in any accumulation [collection]!. The price is so right. Please buy this so I can't.
  12. I have a bad case of "Sellers Remorse"! I sold my SoCal twines to a will known auto collection. Most certainly, they would not have scarfed them up so fast had they not anticipated what the future holds for Reatta. I'm seventy five years old and most likely won't see my accumulation sell for sticker price; however I have little doubt they will. {if I were younger I'd do a Marck imitation}!!!! The sale of the "twins" almost wiped out my total Reatta investment and injected cash to upscale my convertible obsession. I don't feel good about sending two fine autos to museum jail.
  13. Mam, That sheep ain't my BELOVED.
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