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2014 Judging Guidelines

Steve Moskowitz

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FWIW: Unless I reading it wrong they took all the Camaro Z28's out of class 36B. Maybe they don't think they are Hi-Performance; strange SCCA sure

thought they where when the Trans'Am series where running. OK; I'll go back to class 27H then. Larry

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Not the way I read it; to me it indicates the Z-28's from 70-74. I hope one of the powers to be will clarify this. Larry


I agree, they are left out but I'm sure it was just an oversight. The 2013 guidelines, Class 36b state "all Z-28 models, 67-69". This statement just got left out. These muscle car classes are a work in progress, there are problems with other classes too. They'll get it fixed, just give'm a little time

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