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Chrysler 6-cylinder Spitfire


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Flathead six cylinder engines were available in Chrysler and DeSoto cars until 1954, and in Plymouth and Dodge until 1959. The transmission from the Plymouth and Dodge will fit your engine, even though the Plymouth and Dodge engine is slightly smaller.

A better solution might be to buy an adapter and use a newer transmission. Here are 3, there may be others.



Quality Engineered Components


Riley Auto


There may be others, these turned up in a quick Google search for Chryser flathead transmission adapters.

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all 1954 Chryslers were the fully automatic powerflite trans., except if you bought the 3 speed manual. the 1953 imperial also had the powerflite during the later run in that year. the powerflite is a 2 speed and very reliable. rebuild parts are available. I own a 54 Windsor with 72000 miles and the trans. operates perfectly. I just sold a 54 Windsor with 120000 miles on it and that one also worked well. best solution is buy a 1954 model. the chrome is better and a lot of stainless, like the grill. 53 still used the Korean war pot metal,and finding nice clean pieces of trim is almost impossible. the powerflite trans was in police cars for many years, and used in racing. capt den

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