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    i own 2 1954 chrysler windsors, a sedan and a convertible. i drive them often.

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  1. my zip is 28457. bus depot is close. not sure what the cost would be, shipping plus grill? probably about 50 lbs? still interested. I never shipped by greyhound. skyler
  2. I would love the grill. afraid the shipping would be horrendous. I have a 54 Windsor convertible, and always liked the look of the NY'er grill much better. I believe they interchange easily. skyler
  3. I went to a place that repairs farm equipment, tractors and such to get those c clips. they have all the bigger sizes. dennis
  4. craig, I have been a customer of yours for a few years. you are the best vendor I have ever used. I am sorry for your health issue, but there may be help for you. don't give up. dennis
  5. I have done all the usuals, dist. tube, remove freeze plugs and flush as best I could,re-core rad.,160 thermo,new water pump, new hoses. all this has helped, but my 265 still gets hot at idle and I cannot drive it in real hot weather if I will be in stop/go traffic. my guage is correct, and it has never completely overheated, but it gets to the danger area and then I have to stop. this evapo-rust sounds like something that will be a real help to me. I guess I will try some, but is it ok to leave it in all winter as I rarely drive the 54 Chrysler then. capt den
  6. I will look for that screw. I believe I have the latch fully loose, the lock cylinder removed. the arm to the handle removed, and the outside handle removed.the latch appears to be too close to the window to get it out past the window. the manual talks about the sedan latch and how it comes out , but not the convertible. removing the window looks like a tough job. some parts are riveted together.seems the factory put the latch in first, then the window. this has been the most difficult thing I have ever done on this car. every other job I eventually figured out, not this one yet. I am hesitant to remove the window at this point. I think the latch is the same as the sedan, and I have one I got from a junkyard. I often stop in the middle of a repair and think about the problem and a possible solution. I have been doing this off and on for about 2 weeks now, but every time I think I have a solution it is not the right one. my grandfather taught me how to walk away and come back later. it always works.i hope grandpa will help me this time, or maybe someone on this site. this car is so rare that maybe nobody has had this problem and can help out. dennis
  7. browns auto salvege in texas has some 54 Chryslers. 940 393 2469. prices are fair. owner is Trenton. dennis
  8. latches do not get a good response. I do not know why. skyler
  9. stop sending tips. I cannot read them all. thanks, dennis
  10. thrying to remove the door latch with no luck so far. every screw removed that can be, but it looks like the window frame is in the way. I have not removed the door lock yet as I do not see how that is removed. maybe with that off the door latch can be worked out? the manual only covers the sedan, which is different. any tips will be appreciated. dennis
  11. 54 Chrysler may not be similar, but on my new Yorker the drag link was the culprit for the death wobble. capt den
  12. thanks for the wrench site. so many wrenches, not enough time. one of those would make the job easy and less time consuming. I think the starter bolt is 5/8 but will check and then put a starter wrench in my arsenal. capt den
  13. the bolt close to the block. any secret for easy removal? dennis
  14. been looking for these a long time. they do exist, just not easy to find. i want the type that fits inside the wheel well. thanks