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1922 Buick wood spoke wheels


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Crazycars, I have a '22 Model 48 and it has 25 inch, steel-felled wheels. Maybe I'm missing something here so I'm going to have to ask - is your car a 6-cylinder model? I think you might have a rough time finding a set of wheels that will be in decent shape that someone would be willing to get rid of. This is just MY opinion here. I thought I was wrong once but it turned out that I was wrong - a little humor there. If you are needing wheels then might you possibly be needing some split rims too? I have two, pretty nice 25 inch Jaxon split rims to fit the 1922 models. Several years ago I bought three split rims to get the one rim that had never had a tire mounted on it to use for the second spare on my Model 48.

You might send me a PM if you are interested in the rims.

Terry Wiegand Doo Dah America


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