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58 Buick Glove Box pad


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Not sure if this helps or not but this is what I did for mine.

"IF" your original vinyl is not cracked but the foam padding is crumbled and looking to be sagging, I took a Hair Dryer, heated the material and carefully lifted the vinyl from the metal with a small putty knife. Then I cleaned all the dead foam from the material and metal.

I bought a high density foam from an auto supply place with a 2" thickness and cut (with sizzors) the tapered (approximate) shape and length. I re-glued the bottom portion only of the material to the metal 1st with contact cement and let dry. Then I placed the foam in place which allowed me to test how the final shape would be, allowing trimming (which I needed) and contact cemented the remaining material.

I will post some pictures of the end result for you soon.

I now have to do the same to the piece on the dash side but for me, will work too.

Must say that your red '58 Buick Looks GREAT!

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Thanks for the ideas. My original material was ripped when I restored the car and I used something similar from a local fabric store. At this point getting my hands on the metal type would be the best bet. Cleaned up and painted, they do look quite nice. I probably need to canvas some classic car junk yards that have a plain Jane Special with a tree growing through the floorboard that just missed touching the glove box....Thanks Again

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