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1920 Roadster


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Been looking for a Buick roadster for a number of years. Finally acquired one. It has taken two months to organise all the paperwork

to import into Australia, and another month for shipping. It is now half way across the Pacific, on its way to Taiwan, where it will change

ships. My 1920 sedan has right hand steering, and right hand gears and hand brake. Now I,ll have to get used to left hand steering and

centre gears and hand brake. Hopefully the car doesn,t move in the container. But it looks like they have strapped it down pretty well.post-64273-14314216258_thumb.jpg



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Yes thats the one Mark. Are you familiar with the car. They said the clutch was rebuilt, but still grabbing and difficult to change gears. It might just need some driving to settle it in. Will have to wait and see.

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