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Kickdown switch for 1964 LeSabre with TH-400 automatic transmission

Pete Phillips

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My '64 LeSabre with the Turbo-Hydramatic transmission is missing some sort of transmission kickdown switch that appears to have mounted on this bracket on top of the engine. There is a two-wire plastic connector that connects to it. Does anyone have something similar on their car so I can see what I am looking for, or does anyone have a source for this part, new or used. Tried Wheatbelt already, and no luck there. Engine is the 300 Cu. In. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338


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Hi Pete,

Here's a photo of the kickdown switch for a 65 Buick 400 ST.

I'm pretty sure that 64 and 66 use the same switch (as well as other years I would think).

Good Luckpost-59118-143142121203_thumb.jpg

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The same switch was on my 67 LeSabre, or I should say part of it. If you find a source I could use 2 as it is missing in my Riviera also. The tramsmissions work fine without it except to get part throttle kickdown you have to do it manually.

Chuck Bloomberg

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The kickdown switch for a 1964 ST400 is different from the one shown above. The 64 transmisssion has a roller on a pin on the carb linkage that pushes the kick down switch to make contact. The one shown above connects to a pin on the carb linkage that goes through a rod that pulls the kickdown switch to make contact. The illustration in post #2 is not correct for a '64. When I get home from work today, I'll try to post the illustration from a '64 Service Manual. The '64 ST400 does not have the "switch pitch" feature in the transmission, so the kickdown switch is much simpler. No need to have wiring that put the torque converter in high stall when the car is at a stop.

Although this auction has ended, this eBay auction shows the correct switch for a '64.


The yellow wire with the terminal end connects to the wiring harness at the firewall; the circuit runs through the wiper fuse.

The yellow wire with the boot connects to the terminal end on the transmission.


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