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1933 Plymouth PD Sedan

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post-95043-143142024395_thumb.jpg1933 PD 4-Door sedan for sale. All original never restored with original running board covers, top insert and interior. Absolutly rust free with perfect grill with original chrome. 5 original wood wheels still look new. Mechanicals were gone through in 2000 with a complete engine rebuild. Probably not a better running 33 Plymouth in the country. 4th owner selling with documentation. SOLD, Thanks to all who inquired.

as requested I've posted a pic of the other side of the engine.












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Thanks Justin, it pains me to let this car go but circumstances force me to sell. It's about original as they come and I will probably never come accross another like it.

Not do detract from a very nice car, but your carburetor, horn, water pump and oil filter are not original. The air filter matches the one that was on my car and that I've see on a fairly large number of other '33s but the Plymouth Owners Club's dogma is that it is wrong (I personally think that filter is correct for mid to late '33 production but am not going to fight that battle with the POC). Paint scheme on the engine is wrong for '33 too. Might be nice to have a photo of the other side of the engine so the seller can easily determine if it is a '33/'34 block or a later one from '35 through '59.

Too bad I am not in the market for another PD, that is one nice car.

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Thanks for the info. Yes the Ahooga horn was added and can be easily taken off. The trumpet horns in front work great. I have some extra carbs that will go with the car, maybe one of those is the original one that came with the car. Don’t know about the oil filter but that is the original engine. I imagine you could change the engine color? I don't know everything there is to know about 33 Plymoughs, just love them and I wouldn’t want to miss represent the car in any way so I appreciate your input. :)

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I suspect that the engine is correct. There is no bypass hose at the top of the water pump. That would indicate 1933.

For a number of years in the '30s the business/roadking models did not have the bypass so just the lack of a bypass does not say '33.

That water pump is a later one with possible provision for a heater hose or external bypass type thermostat. If it was for '34 it would just bolt on a '33 block. But if it was '35 or up a custom backing plate would be needed as the water inlet to the block changed in '35 when they went to the full length water jacket and added the water distribution tube. So the presence of that water pump makes me wonder what year the block is. It could be '33 or '34 but maybe not.

Which is why I suggested posting a picture of the other side of the engine: The '33 and '34 blocks are distinctive as you can see the cylinder bores between the water jacket and the crankcase. Posting the engine number would be good too as that would nail the identification.

Interesting that the head has been drilled an tapped for a heater yet I don't see any holes in the firewall for the heater. That adds to my curiousity about the engine. Possibilities: 1) Heater was removed and firewall holes patched (unlikely). 2) Head has been replaced. 3) Engine & head have been replaced.

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