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  1. I sure can! We have sold out of the old manual but the club is well into creating a brand new one that will be available in the coming weeks. I can post up here when they're available. They will be greatly improved and updated vs the previous version.
  2. Thanks to both of you. I wonder if Auburn ever used this scheme? In any event the Royale is a great car and I would just drive that one the way it is.
  3. I'm in love with this color scheme. What exactly is going on here - plated spokes and lock ring on black drum and wheel center? Or are the spokes and lock ring painted silver?
  4. Based on the locomotive I know it was taken in 1918 at the latest. In the winter of 19 they installed different spark arrestors on the stacks. So I think we've narrowed it down to 15-18 for the year of of the photo. Probably 16-18.
  5. Thanks very much everyone - I wasn't familiar with Grant before this exercise.
  6. Thank you sir! I also thought Scripps Booth but all the open cars I've seen have the double rear window in the top and this appears to be a larger single window. That made me unsure......
  7. This photo was taken in Georgetown, CO but I'm trying to narrow down when. These look mid-teens to me but you all probably know more specifically..... Closeup of this photo:
  8. Another vote here for blackwalls. I think they look fantastic especially on lighter colored cars with chrome wheels. And much easier to keep clean!
  9. Ok checked this out tonight. It does not match my 32 Auburn which means it is unlikely that it would be 31-33 Auburn. Could be earlier than that but I can't confirm. Hopefully someone with an earlier car will chime in.
  10. I'll check this out soon. Will take me a few days due to travel this week.
  11. It does look like 31-33 Auburn. Can you provide some measurements and I'll compare it to my 32? Thanks.
  12. It would be helpful to know what car and engine this is for. Auburn 8? 12? Cord L-29? Duesenberg?
  13. Here is a link to some comparison photos of the plant then & now. Move your mouse across the photo to blend from one to the other. I found them very interesting. http://www.freep.com/interactive/article/20121202/NEWS01/120823062/The-Packard-Plant-Then-now-interactive-comparison-photos
  14. Here is the ebay store: http://stores.ebay.com/VINTAGE-BONEYARD-04
  15. Agreed. There is an app for smartphones and tablets called cPRO Craigslist and it is much better than any web browser based search. Download it for your device and give it a try. It is fast, allows searches of multiple geographies and shows photos in the ad list. Justin
  16. Very nice car! I especially like the blackwalls on wood wheels. Good luck with the sale!
  17. A huge thank you to Donald for making the album like again! Justin
  18. Hi Donald, I know this thread is old but these photos are no longer visible and they were really, really helpful! Could I humbly ask you to please fix the link or make them available in some other location? If you prefer you can also email me at jkerns25@gmail.com Thanks! Justin
  19. Please do not accuse me of always trying to enforce the rules. This is literally the first time I have ever pointed to them in a post on this forum. Normally others beat me to it. Of course we agree that pictures are nice and helpful for a variety of reasons but that is not the point. Nearly every forum on the internet has a sticky post at the top of it's classifieds forums detailing the posting rules. As Curt points out they are very visible at the top of this forum also. Not posting a price sends the message, whether intentional or not, that the car is going to be very over-priced and not worth inquiring about. If the car is fairly priced then posting the price will speed its sale. These rules help the seller as much, and perhaps even more, than the prospective buying audience. To get back on topic - if the original poster will revise the ad to include all required information then I'm sure a nice conversation will ensue and perhaps the cars will even find buyers here. The only reason I posted in the first place is because I think they are very nice cars and would like to see them find nice new homes. I'm only trying to help the seller. Justin
  20. Forum rules state that ads must include prices. Here is the exerpt: "IMPORTANT: Put either FS for "For Sale" or WTB for "Want to Buy" in the subject line along with the year, make and model. EXAMPLE: FS - 1950 Plymouth Business Coupe Please include the following information in the body of your post: Year Make Model Price Description Location (City, State, Country) Contact Information (Name, Email and Phone) EBAY URL if also listed on EBAY Incomplete, overly commercial, or non-automotive related postings may be deleted without notice!"
  21. Please send pictures to jkerns25 @ gmail.com (without the spaces obviously) Thank you.
  22. The ACD Museum is one of the greats and my personal favorite also. I've lost count of how many times I have been there and never tire of it. It is operated by a wonderful group of people who work hard to keep it educational, relevant and fresh. The history is interesting. The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club was founded in 1953 however this was not related at all to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum (aside from many of the same people being interested in both). In fact at that time the building was still owned by Dallas Winslow and being operated as a service and NOS part source for ACD cars. It wasn't until later after Winlow's company folded and the building survived a scary fire that folks were finally able to save it and turn it into what you see today. It is a dynamic place and there are plans on the board right now for some significant expansions that will make it even more remarkable. Some links: History of the Museum Building: Museum Building History History of the Museum itself: Museum History If you enjoy the museum please consider becoming a member. Doing so costs very little and will give you free admission as well as discounts on store purchases. You also get interesting publications including the Accelerator newsletter that keep you abreast of new developments. You can join on the museum website that I linked above. Justin
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