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It has a 460 and C-6,I found a rusty 77 F350 that had a less then 20,000 miles on the motor and trans for 500 dollars so I could not pass it up. I also have a set of disc brakes and front and rear sway bars that came off a 76 F250 that will be going in when I wear out the newer brakes on the front,it also got power steering and brakes while I had it apart. I have to put the better brakes on it since I will towing in the 4 wheel disc brake world and so far around town the 460 gets better gas mileage then the 352 did and will soon see how it does on the highway,I do not know all that was done to the motor but has much more torque and power then the stock 460 I had in a beater truck and will smoke the tires easily.

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Real sweet truck Jeff. I always liked the 65/66 F-100's. Like Paul said, you found a real nice truck to start with. Any more story there, as far as the history of the truck, how long you've had it, etc? The 460 really fills the engine compartment. Am I correct in that the fuel tank is within the cab, behind the seat? Is there a worry there, being "in the cab?" Keep up the great work, and, as always, keep us posted! :D


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