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1950 dodge coronet 230 3.8l 6v gyromatic

Guest ownly1

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Hello to all.. I'm new to this, user name is ownly1 and I just wanted to say that I've read multiple threads regarding the vehicle I own (which is a 1950 dodge coronet gyromatic). And the people here who post seem very knowledgable and helpful.

The issue I'm having which is lots with this car but one at the moment is my spark plugs. I'm having difficulties believing the ones I'm about to replace are the ones meant for my car. They are an ac46. When I go to the parts store they of coarse don't have those particular ones in stock and when the do pull their list up none of them seem to match the ac46 in dimensions, basically if the plug were to be seated on the valve cover their depths are much deeper or longer then what the ac46 depth.

So others out there with the same engine type again which is a 3.8l 230 flathead dodge, please help me so I can put the correct type of plug in my car and also the spacing would be helpful..

As of yet I don't have a shop manual for this car.

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I have a Champion Spark Plug Cataloque which lists the Champion plug as a UJ12. Its cross reference to AC is a C49 and if you go to KLG they list a FS20 and to Motorcraft A11U Pyrox plugs appear to be the original plug fitted in Australia and they were PT14BS 14mm gap 028 to 032 thou Hope this helps Ron

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