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Lead on Possible Mercer Find


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Dear Mercer Fans,

I was looking at an old message on an obscure website, and read about an out-of-circulation Mercer someone supposedly had. The possibility that it was someone pulling my leg is likely. The writer, in 2005, claimed that a relative restored cars but never got around to restoring a 1914 Mercer. He or she also felt the need for someone to authenticate the car. A one-way or dead-end message....in that there's no way to contact the writer or know where they lived, etc. No photo or description of car.

Have any of you ever heard of a 1914 Mercer that's been in a basement for 50 years? Aside from the entertainment value of this story, what do you think the believability factor is on a scale of one to ten?

Yes, I know this sounds dubious. Also, that most of the Mercers are supposed to be accounted-for these days. A friend of mine told me an undiscovered "basement find" Mercer would be kind of a big deal, but doubts the veracity of the message.

----Jeff on the Peerless Forum

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Others have been tracking Mercers far longer than I, but my first reaction is that 50 years (eg since 1955?) is not nearly long enough for the car to have lived in obscurity. In other words, the registry, car club and other enthusiasts were already compiling lists by that time. Vince Galloni in Trenton would've been in business still, and was the hub of anyone looking for parts.

Of course anything is possible, but a 1914 car is pretty old to have been sequestered away in obscurity. And, based on stories I've heard, there has been some pretty energetic detective work by enthusiasts over the years, hard to imagine something like this remaining un-investigated...

(Nevertheless, if you'd care to PM me that web link, I'd be happy to do some sleuthing of my own :))

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