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  1. Nice, thanks for sharing. I went to fire up mine last week and sadly the battery had expired. That's on me, can't blame the old girl for that...
  2. ersatzS2

    Mercer Raceabout

    Spectacular, thank you. Love those tires. What a rakish beast.
  3. Mother in law just surfaced this family photo. What is interesting is that this is pre-war Italy. Would'nt have thought REO would have european distribution in the 30's? Wonder what it would've cost then, likely a princely sum...
  4. So where are the photos?!? Sorry to miss it, I understand we will do a reunion in TN sometime next year? B
  5. My mother in law's family, prewar, obviously American car, guess they were pretty prosperous. Nash?
  6. Thanks! The L head looks great; but that's not the Libaire car is it? Stan had another one I believe?
  7. any photos?!? Sorry i had to miss this year...
  8. A couple more shots
  9. Great time! Thanks everyone for coming; what a spectacular group of cars. 25 cars is at least 20% of all existing Mercers and probably a quarter of those running in pvt hands. Two 30 mile tours with 20+ cars and no mechanical issues: 100 years later a Mercer is still the most reliable car to bring to a touring event! raceabout 17310 Fernbrook.html
  10. Memorial to Joe at the AACA Eastern National Meet in Millville NJ last weekend.
  11. It's gonna be fun! BTW Cliff Zink is working on Sweaters like yours...
  12. I just learned Joe Vannozzi has passed away after an 8 month illness. I'm beholden to Joe as the longtime custodian of Mercer #17310, Raceabout #150. He inherited the car from his dad who bought it in 1932, and kept it in great running condition throughout his life. Joe was a great car guy and by all accounts parent, husband and citizen. http://obits.nj.com/obituaries/trenton/obituary.aspx?n=joseph-vannozzi&pid=180015475&fhid=21854
  13. I have one in great shape. Remember that during the first decade of the automobile, especially with new manufacturers, there were no dealer networks. You bought your car direct from the factory and it was shipped, often by rail, often by road, to your town. In that situation, every car that left the factory would've likely worn manufacturer plates, especially if it was delivered locally. So 'manufacturer' plates had slightly different utility then than we think of today.
  14. The book debut was a blast. Held at the Roebling Museum with lecture by author Cliff Zink. Five Mercers in attendance: 3 L-head, 2 T-head
  15. This appears to be the correct adjustable wrench for the L-head tool set, it doesn't specify 6" (which is correct) but it does not look like the 8" (the only other one it could be) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Billings-and-Spencer-Adjustable-Wrench-with-Curved-Handle-/191755984264?hash=item2ca58c1d88:g:rGEAAOSwT4lWSpgT These are pretty hard to find, all the correct style B&S screwdriver, one is exactly correct and another very close for L-head tool set: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-5-Old-Vintage-Billings-Spencer-Solid-Steel-Screwdrivers-/361444763748?hash=item5427c96864:g:ThkAAOSwnipWZPd0
  16. Might be worthwhile to post a thread on ebay auctions of interest to the Mercer community. I have saved searches running all the time, might as well share results with others who are looking for stuff! As a kickoff, see attached auction for Rudge Whitworth wrench that matches the L-head toolset. http://www.ebay.com/itm/141849136180?item=141849136180&viewitem=&vxp=mtr
  17. I think that we may presume that when it comes to low production, first and second decade cars, it is probably wise not to be too dogmatic about what is and isn't 'factory original.' My guess would be that while the photo is 1921, the car itself is very early production L-head, possibly 1915, and Mercer decided to use up some early T-head fenders?
  18. Thanks for highlighting the Dragone auction. Great looking car. Ralph Buckley restoration
  19. I don't know if I've ever seen any print ads of the Mercer Limo. This one is on ebay right now...
  20. Sure I can hook you up! More Mercers in NJ than anywhere else for obvious reasons! And yes of course I know where Grounds for Sculpture is. It is built on the ashes of the Trenton MOtor Speedway where the great racers of the postwar golden era competed. I haven't been for a few years now and didn't know about the Motor Exhibit. I will contact you via direct email, and cc local Mercer community members! We did something like this last year at the HOwell living history farm. Best, B
  21. Just touring the Mercer County Countryside with a pal this weekend!
  22. Just fabulous, thanks. Hoping owner will bring to Mercer reunion in 2015! It would be a star
  23. After seeing the damage of 100 years of galvanic corrosion on the inside of my Mercer's AL water manifold, I switched to evans. So far I'm very happy with the cooling, although I have a conventional water pump. I will say that the Evans seems to weep much more readily than H2O through any and all gaskets or other potential gaps.
  24. Fantastic, thanks for sharing! I love that the limo still has the exhaust cutout! Seems out of character for the genteel nature of the car but I guess the chauffeur might want to get loud when driving empty?!?
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