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  1. Nice, thanks for sharing. I went to fire up mine last week and sadly the battery had expired. That's on me, can't blame the old girl for that...
  2. ersatzS2

    Mercer Raceabout

    Spectacular, thank you. Love those tires. What a rakish beast.
  3. Mother in law just surfaced this family photo. What is interesting is that this is pre-war Italy. Would'nt have thought REO would have european distribution in the 30's? Wonder what it would've cost then, likely a princely sum...
  4. So where are the photos?!? Sorry to miss it, I understand we will do a reunion in TN sometime next year? B
  5. My mother in law's family, prewar, obviously American car, guess they were pretty prosperous. Nash?
  6. Thanks! The L head looks great; but that's not the Libaire car is it? Stan had another one I believe?
  7. any photos?!? Sorry i had to miss this year...
  8. Yep: Here is the world's fastest model T, with 2-up/2-down crank, and another vintage T with Rajo intake and valve train.
  9. Could this be a 1915 Saxon? Photo currently on ebay here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Women-Turn-to-Camera-in-Early-Sports-like-CAR-Vtg-Old-Antique-Snapshot-PHOTO-/111373382642?pt=Art_Photo_Images&hash=item19ee5ef3f2
  10. There is a premier speedster in the Ralph Cox collection up for auction this weekend in NJ. See Bonhams auction here : http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/22174/
  11. Wow, does anyone know what year that Saxon debuted? It is remarkably similar to an L-head Mercer raceabout of 1915-23 . I mean, really close, even the cowl spacing, bucket seat design etc. Also of some interest here are photos of a Buick speedster special near me in an abandoned airport. I'm guessing body was built in sixties.
  12. Brendan, thanks very much for sharing. That is one of the most spectacular early shots of an L head raceabout I have ever seen. Wonderful details there such as the shocks, contrasting paint, hub caps, absent fuel shut-off, and front spring shackle grease cups. Seems very likely it is the factory, maybe a prototype?: rear tank caps have not been added, Rudge wheels stacked on racks.
  13. oh my. Nice old L-head shots! Any idea serial number of these two? Whereabouts?
  14. Traveling in Salamanca, Spain this weekend, and visited a local 'history of the Automobile' museum. Turns out it is endowed by a foundation started by the Planche family. Not much mention of Etienne the patriarch other than a short bio, but had this model in a display case.
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