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Need HELP BARN FIND ESTIMATION 1931 Ford Model A Roadster


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Charles, geographics may play into the price ranges to some degree.

In general terms, while these are all over the map, decent, #3 30 - 31 roadsters can be had in the 18 - 22K range, and I am aware of an older restoration locally, not running but looking nice at around $12K. You will see higher prices on these but there are so many around I would go with what appears to be the prevailing price for a frame of reference.

These look like interesting projects, maybe in the $8 - 10K range per, since you are likely buying to resell, I might go in at a bit less, especially if you are bringing an offer to take both. Assumes these are as solid as they appear in the pics. Like I said, not rare cars but a relatively strong following, and not too many original roadsters left in unrestored condition.

Good luck - are you looking to restore or resell?

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I see now there is only one roadster, and I think a pick up in the background. The P/U is not worth 8-10 K though, I would say a couple grand less but that is just a swag since there it not much detail to go on.

Hope you sell the roadster - make a few dollars and see it go to a good home. Too nice in "rat rod" I think - make a couple dollars on this deal and you can get one already "ratted out" on eBay any day of the week and have less work to do - everyone wins... :)

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I have to say that the roadster should be put back the way it was new, or semi- restored/original. Unless you're an artist with metal, building a rat rod is brain surgery, even then, you'll not like the way it will handle on the road. You'll probably never get your money back from all the work you'll need to put into making it into a crap-rod. My vote is to "just flip it" and move on.

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