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  1. I'll be there! 3rd Hershey in 4 years. Traveling from the University of Illinois in Champaign, IL to my home in Syosset, NY and then to Hershey, PA! I can't wait! I'll be on the field Thursday/Friday shopping for license plates, signs, and maybe another gas pump for my collection.
  2. Very thought provoking poem. I just handed in a petition to start a Support Our Troops Club at my highschool. Hope it gets approved!
  3. This Sunday June 2nd, the Antique Automobile Club of America: Greater New York Region will be hosting their annual Westbury Garden Car Show. Expecting great weather and 500 cars. The show will be from 9-3 with show cars arriving from 8 onwards. Stop by for a good time. 71 Old Westbury Road, Westbury NY
  4. Tomorrow Sunday April 28, 2013 the Greater New York Region of AACA will be hosting our first of two car shows this season. The show is from 8am-3pm at the Queens County Farm Museum on Little Neck Parkway in Bellrose, NY (queens), zip code- 11426. Just north of Union Turnpike. There will be a flea market, and fun for all. Stop by if you're in the area! Thanks
  5. Anyone whose into cars at my highschool talks about hot rodding classic cars. Instead of yelling at them, I offer to take go with them to local shows so they can see the beauty of original classics. And I tell them instead to modify current model cars if that is what they're into
  6. Hi, I'm a new license plate collector. Please message me before scrapping any that you may find in decent condition. Maybe we can work something out. Thanks, Koby
  7. Hello all! Since a car is out of my league for now due to funds and space before I go off to college I am looking to continue building up my automotive collection in the mean time. I am looking for deals on Eastern Hershey Meet Dash Plaques from 1955 to present with the acception of 1970 and 1968. If you have any please let me know via private message. Thanks for your time. Koby
  8. Just to keep everyone updated on my life happenings..... I turned 17 in January and now have my license:), and tonight I will be checking out the Greater New York Region's monthly meeting to see if that club is a good fit for me!
  9. What an amazing collection, thanks for sharing the video
  10. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the family friends and football
  11. That's a gorgeous paint job! Do you have the exact name of the paint used by chance?
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