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Scooter Guy,

From posts in this thread and others, it appears that many states have tightened up their regulations and getting a title for a paperless vehicle has become much more difficult in the last few years. How long ago did you first register the Vespa in Vermont?

I did this just over one year ago...

I followed the instructions carefully, sent in my money (calculated from fees stated on their website) and plate and registration showed up about 2 weeks later. I was warned "that will never work," but I figured it was worth a try to see what happened. I had been looking into Broadway at the time, but there are horror stories of states rejecting titles generated through Broadway. That was an $800 bet I didn't want to make.

In fact, I overpaid and they sent the difference back!

No previous title or registration needed, no inspection, no nothing.

The story goes that the bike was plucked off the streets of Pavia, Italy where it was still in daily use and brought back in a container. I strongly suspect that it was essentially imported illegally, but Vermont asked no questions and essentially legalized the bike. I also need to emphasize that I did not falsify documents or change any numbers. I told them what they wanted to know...nothing more, nothing less.

This would probably be harder to do with a car. Nobody seems to care that much about old scooters, they're just happy to take your money!

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Guest Dick Whittington
Would Broadway Title Company in Alabama be able to obtain a title for a made up or replica antique car ?
Several states, NC being one of the, do not recognize a title that has been thru companies such as Broadway Title. In NC, you can have the vehicle inspected by DMV, post a bond, and in two years obtain a title in your name. I have two bonded right now and am starting the process on a third vehicle
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Guest Bob Call

After reading Scooter Guy's postings I visited the Vermont DVM website. That looks like the route to take if you need to register and title a vintage vehicle for which you have no title certificate. They do not require that you be a Vermont resident. You have to pay a tax of 6% of the lesser of the NADA (www.NADAguides.com) value or the actual purchase price unless you fall into one of the classes of tax exempt owners. The DMV will give you a list of out of state (out of Vermont) officials that can certify the VIN. The form does ask for the name, address and signature of the person from whom you are purchasing the vehicle so you should have a bill of sale to submit. For an extra fee you can select from a long list of specilaity licenese plates including antique and historic.

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No immediate help but Penndot is aware of this concern as a certain someone on this forum (me) has two very early cars that do not have titles. I have discussed this concern with them and State Rep. John Lawrence. They have promised to look inot it and see if there is a remedy. From there perspective they have to look at the big picture with other vehicle categories and make sure they do not end up with a loophole.

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