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  1. I live about 45 minutes south of there. Surprised and interested in how it got down to NC. Not much there now except the fire company and just a few remaining houses
  2. Saw this wagon in the flea market at Charlotte last week for sale. Like an idiot I didn't take a picture of the contact info as Had NC historic plates on it. Any Hornet's nest region members know who it belongs to? I'd like to find out more info.
  3. about 30 vendors or so. Nice quality items, I normally pick up a few good things. Nice little show, typically the last of the season for me. Our Model A club will be there.
  4. The rules are not enforced regarding scooters by Hershey security. So many years of these guys running into people, near misses etc. The more gaps between vendors, the worse it will get. My grandfather was embarrassed to use one, said if you stopped walking you were done. He drug himself around with a walker until he died at 92.
  5. I'm sure this has been discussed multiple times, but as a frequent HPOF participant I get asked at Hershey by spectators why the HPOF cars are not mixed with like cars on the show field. I didn't have an answer for the person so I thought I would post it there. I have a model T pickup, and this year I was parked next to my friends 1923 international which looked neat. Normally I'm parked next to a 1970's car which looks like of strange. I think grouping at least era cars or trucks together would make for good viewing. This is fast growing segment as it gets entry people into the hobby, plus the public likes it. The departure after the show this year was the best it's been since the show was moved to grass. I'd like to see the classes in the back get to leave first every once and a while. There are T's and brass cars in HPOF Too! Trailer parking was not optimum. Can't Hershey Co open their employee lot for trailers or put them on the former white field on show day? Parking in a grass field when it's raining is a pain, especially getting up the ramps. If you were lucky enough to be parked on the road you were in good shape.
  6. http://newjersey.craigslist.org/cto/5599632742.html Wondering if that is a fair price. I wish it was a touring car.
  7. Survey monkey is a great way to get a pulse of your organization. It does have a feature that it will try and reach out to the membership a few times as sometimes people need a reminder. I've never heard of one of their surveys being hacked so I took it on my I phone while I was waiting on someone this morning. My church uses them a lot. Normally people that don't pay attention to the news letter or come to church don't know what's going on anyhow and just ignore the survey monkey link too. Honestly I was kind of surprised by AACA using something so modern. Now if they would just let us sign up for events on line, with credit cards or paypal for payment. Anything I can do to keep from paying the post office 50 freakin cents to mail a letter I'm up for.
  8. How tall is the inside? Especially at the door.
  9. Ok, thanks for the advice. I sent in the request card that came in the mag today. I requested two spaces and if I get something I'll show up first thing tuesday, I only live about an hour away. I figured since I've been going to hershey all of my life, I should become a vendor. I would like to sell some left over parts to finance another project. It will be a mixed bag, model T, CJ2a JEEP parts, and maybe some Triumph parts if my Dad comes along.
  10. I'd like to sell for the first time at hershey. I have a 30 foot class a motorhome. Will I need to request 2 spaces? Do I have any say where they put me? I've noticed some fields look like a parking lot. I don't want to try and sell in an area that has no vendors, but if I have no say I guess I will have to take my lumps.
  11. Are all the aaca tours set up by now? Is there a listing on the site?
  12. What is the age group of cars on this tour? We are looking for one this summer with our 1931 model a. If there are too many sixties cars I can't keep up
  13. I have a 1923 model t roadster pickup. It is completely orginal (accept for tires and radiator hoses). It was taken off the road in 1945 and still has the 45 plate and the 45 inspection sticker on the windshield. I just got antique plates for the truck. I would like of like to trade the ugly antique plate in for a YOM plate. I thought it would be neat to use the 1945 plate. I know that's not the year the car was manufactured, but was the last one on it before it was put in storage. It's also kind of rusty but the colors still show through. My question is, Will the PA state law allow this, or must I used a 1923 plate? None of my notaries know anything. They can hardly handle the new "no picture" rule. I also can't believe it's going to cost me an additional $75. I already gave them $75 to regisiter it as a antique, and now they want an additional $75 and I have to supply the plate. I can't understand why I couldn't just licence the truck the first time, with the old plate for a one time charge of $75. The answer I got was, "well that's the way the law was written". I'm glad PA did this finally, but the $150 charge is kind of hard to swallow. It certainly will keep me using my purple plates on my other cars.
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