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Can I use Limited Slip gear lube in a non-limited slip rear differential?


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Just finished installing a new pinion seal in the rear end of my 65 Electra. I don't have enough std 90 weight gear lube to fill the differential (it takes 2.2 pints according to book). But I do have a quart of Limited Slip that I could use to top it off. I know you can't use reg 90 weight in a Limited slip.......but any harm going the other way?


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Thanks Joe,

I wanted to be 100% sure before I filled it. The closest parts store to me is about 15 miles, and I can't remember the last time I worked on anything with a posi rear end.

Maybe I'll have it back on the road before dinner.

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If you have a QUART of GM Positraction lube, that was when there was a dedicated lube that went in PTracs, not just "lube + additive" as it is now. As that PTrac lube would work with the same rear axle gearsets as the 90 weight lube would, it might thin things a little bit, but should offer the same high-load lubrication capabilities as the thicker 90W would, I suspect.

Be sure to save the can for diaplay! It's been about 40 years since GM made that stuff!



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