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1938 Buick steering wheel horn parts/details?


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I have a 1938 Buick steering wheel that I am looking to make complete. It is the chrome multi-spoke version. From what I can figure out, it is missing the horn button and the horn ring, and everything inside like contacts, wiring, springs, etc. It does have the chrome cast outer horn button bezel. I'm trying to figure out what is all missing and where I can find these parts for a reasonable amount (and what they should look like).

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Sorry no one responded the first time around. but I will see if I can help.

So you should have From bottom to top (from memory)

steering column



"star" lock washer


horn ring

brass contact plate

insulator foam

horn button

Horn button bezel held in place by three machine screws

Best source for 37 38 buick parts is Dave Tachney in MN (763) 427-3460 Try him first. The buttons bezel and rings come up on eBay fairly frequently. The brass contact plate may prove the hardest to find. the insulator foam is available from Bob's Automobilia.

I'll see if I have any pictures or a parts diagram and will post if I do later tonight.

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