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39 Zephyr Rod Project

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Guest WelcomeHome

Hello all,

New to the forum. I have a question that I am sure your collective knowledge can answer. I have discovered a barn find of a 39 Zephyr rod resto. Shell only. The owner has the title, and the VIN number on the shell is matching. The car has been sitting outside for some time, but appears straight and little to no cancer. It has been chopped, convertible, two seater. He wants to get $5000 for it. The question is whether or not that is an accurate value for it? One of the best looking cars from the past in my opinion, and I would love to have the opportunity to do the project, but is the price right? Also, any added info and insight you could give would be greatly appreciated.





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WOW!! Now THAT'S a project!

You gotta wonder where that "V" windshield and vent windows came from. Certainly not a 1939 Zephyr. The grille looks a bit like parts of a 1941 Ford.

It will take DEEP pockets and a LOT of skill to finish this one, but it would certainly be unique!

It appears to be sitting on a chassis. Any idea what kind?

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WOW where are you?? We had a legend of the rodder "hot rod Harry" here in nw oHIo that did same to a 39 lz conv..always thought it was barroom talk..but maybe if?? is car in midwest?? Lets see pics of interior too judge value

what frame is it on..any running gear??

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