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Back Yard Shock Fix, for the rears


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Well guys here we go again, with another DIY (shade tree) shock fix for your "driver".

Purists need read no farther.................

The current cost to replace the rear shocks on my '40 LTD is $165.00/ea and I have been searching for "a better way" and parts, alas to no avail. Also I have not yet figured out how to remove the arm from the shaft, that obviously needs a seal. So............

Being a practical guy, I says to myself, why not make another seal on the outside ? Which I did.

I took a length of soft cotton string ( about 1/16" in. dia) and wrapped 5 turns around the shaft that goes from the arm into the shock body, and tied it real tight. Then I coated it all round with clear silicone. Let it dry overnight and in the morning filled each shock with power steering fluid (with stop leak sealer in it).

Then I drove her to town and back, about 10 miles, and again let her sit over night.

Obviously the shaft broke free of the silicone, but instead of a puddle the size of a saucer under each shock, I saw only a puddle the size of a dime, and the fluid is still at the bottom of the fill hole, where it should be.

I don't know how long this will last, but I'm hoping it lasts thru the summer driving season, and maybe Santa (wife) will buy me rear shocks for Christmas this year.

This fix was brought to you by Rattle Can Restorations, A proud '40 Buick Team Member.

Regards To All

Mike in Colorado


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Did you mix the STP with anything, or use it straight ?

I'm currently using power steering fluid with "stopleak" in it.

Obviously if the seal is "gone" nothing will stay above the level of the shaft going thru the shock body. However, if the seal is just dried out and needs to be "refreshed" then the "sealer' may put off the inevitable rebuild.

I'm just trying to limp thru the summer driving season, and sending my letters to Santa (wife), so when the snow is blowing round the old barn this winter, I can send 'em out for a proper rebuild.

Best Regards,

Mike in Colorado

Proud '40 Buick Team member

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