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Model of Ford AA chassis

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I started this project 20yrs.ago and thought that I'd share it. I wanted to build a 1/16 scale Model AA truck model so I started with a Minicraft pick up kit mainly for the hood and cab. The engine and front axle are from the kit but everything else is scratchbuilt. Each frame rail is 3 pcs. of sheet styrene glued together with built up crossmembers. The differential is machined from a block of styrene with the reinforcement lugs and bolt detail added. All brake levers , brackets, and hangers are made from styrene strips as well as the springs. The front spring hanger yokes are the "A" frame pcs. from an old AMT '55 Chevy kit. All brake rods and the tie rod are brass wire with fitted ends. The steering operates along with the drag link. The wheel rims are machined from a block of styrene with scratchbuilt centers. The tires were purchased from Thomas Toys and are silicone rubber carrying the Firestone name. The brake backing plates are the inner wheel sections from an old Hubley Packard kit with the brake drums being the wheels from an old Peterbuilt 1/25th scale truck tractor model. The wheels are mounted with small brass bolts and hex nuts and the center hub caps are cut from steel allen keys. The exhaust system is aluminum tubing. All grease fittings are small pcs. of wire as are the valve stems on the wheels. I hope one day to get ambitious and finish the cab and bed but kinda hate to cover up the detail. Sorry the photos aren't as clear as I would like,but with all the black it's hard to see the detail. I'm not as good as Roger Zimmerman(a modeler I greatly respect),but I'm still practicing!










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