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NOS Parts For Sale

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Just bought a huge load of NOS TC parts from a guy unloading his collection.

Headlamp assy 100.00 each

cornering lamps 75.00 each SOLD!!!

16 valve heads 350.00 each

valve cover gaskets 16v 30.00 each

rear finish panels 75.00 complete

complete set of weatherstrips (all of them) 175.00

wheels/caps 100.00

porthole glass 75.00

console armrests (various colors) 78.50

dashpads 100.00

floor mats 25.00 SOLD!!

side moldings not all colors (sets) 72.00

windshields (limited supply) 120.00

some sheetmetal (inquire)

jack 15.00

tool kits 25.00

door shells 65.00 each

seat covers: these must have been take-outs but are mint various colors 85.00 each

steering wheels: black only 100.00

door mirrors right side only 75.00

window motors 65.00 each

I have other stuff and will get to it when I have the time

LMK if there is anything you need


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Guest Jim_McNally

What's the condition of the 16V heads? Bare castings or do they have any associated parts? PM me with info please...


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