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  1. Chris has been testing a gasket on one of my 16v cars for a few weeks. When I was driving it with the prototype gasket there were no leaks. Hopefully the testing will be done soon and Chris will have them available.
  2. Chris is using better quality gaskets, why make a project more difficult and time consuming than necessary? Why pay for a couple hours of needless labor when it can be done quickly and easily for less time and labor costs. Gaskets that are removed and reused can be stretched, torn or misshaped. May as well do it right and not have to worry about it again. TCA members at the meet were thrilled proper new valve cover gaskets, spark plug wires, clutches and pretty much everything else can be purchased for 16v engines now from the guys who race these cars and know how to work on the engines.
  3. Chris, Since I supplied the original factory valve cover gasket for this project I suppose I could donate a spark plug tube gasket also. Let me know when you are on my side of town. Larry
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