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  1. We have new accumulators available for the TC which we have been selling for 15 years and are also used on our complete remanufactured ABS units. There is definitely no guessing that these fit our Teves ABS system.
  2. Rick Diogo at RDI Performance is the very best real ASE certified mechanic in the country for your 16v TC. He has high performance parts and knows how diagnose and repair your engine correctly the first time. He stocks high performance clutches and performance modifications for the 8v and 16v TC. Results Driven Inc.
  3. We sell ours for $25 for any strut except the spare tire compartment. They are $20.
  4. We sell proper remanufactured TC antennas with the new mast for $95. More than Crutchfield but the right color and electrical plug.
  5. Bill, You are a good driver and know how to use a non-ABS system. I stated in one of the notes above that professional drivers have proven that they can stop faster in a non-ABS equipped car than one with ABS, and that the panic stops are where ABS helps. It is nice to know that an enthusiast got the car in St Louis. There still are a lot of cream puffs out there which are starting to surface. A red/black 5 speed with 700 miles not too long ago was shipped from CA to the east coast. As for Hemi and his personal attacks: Bitter and vindictive - he was writing to the man in the mirror. I *am* a bit bitter that I have spent years cleaning up the messes he made for TC owners. But vindictive he has confused with honest and factual. I write what I know of as factual and what I can back up with empirical data. He has not provided any verifiable evidence to the contrary. His aliases are common knowledge on the forum. His inability to take personal responsibility for his words, actions and lack of judgement is inexcusable. People that won't take personal responsibility for their own actions is a problem in this country and why people sue. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. After the incompetence I encountered dealing with Henning when he botched the job on my car, I have never asked for or needed anything from him since. I have invested countess hours and energy towards the preservation of the TC because of my passion for these cars. It is my hope that saving the salvages from the crusher will keep more of the good cars on the road. While others brag about "sending another to the crusher" to further limit availability of parts, I go through the proper process of obtaining salvage titles or certificates of dismantlement for my TCs which are beyond repair. Hopefully this thread will result in those interested to engage themselves to investigate to the fullest extent what the benefits and consequences of making the decision to repair or modify their brake systems.
  6. Hemi, Just because someone does something for a long time does not make them good, honest or successful. I rebuilt my first engine in 1978 after taking college level power mechanics classes at Northern Arizona University. The fact that I have worked on cars for 35 years does not give me the privilege to call myself a mechanic. I have never charged labor for assisting friends, family, co-workers and other TC owners for the services I provide, as I am not ASE certified. For full disclosure, I have been given gifts in appreciation for some of the work I have done after TC owners had bad experiences with others who have worked on their TCs. As you are well aware, the reason I started my TC parts hobby is because you ripped me off as well as many other TC owners who unknowingly took their cars to you for simple repairs that you had convinced were major items that only YOU could work on. 15 years ago I wasted over $500 for a simple fusible link repair and botched vacuum leak that you never fixed - I (a non-ASE certified mechanic, like you) had to repair it myself after being disgusted with your astronomical charge for a TC that came in with a working turbo and left without it because of the improper vacuum line placement. It was a 10 or 15 minute job for me to repair what you botched and charged me several hours labor for. After hearing similar stories from scores of other TC owners, a few of us banded together and purchased salvage cars and started diagnosing and repairing TCs ourselves. I don't have to go on forums under aliases like you do, using your "Uncles" name and George W like you do. Instead of spreading borderline misinformation I write to folks privately and write articles for the TC America club newsletter about their cars and how to maintain them. My articles are proofed and collaborated with REAL ASE certified mechanics who own legitimate businesses and are familiar with the TC as well as countless other cars. As for your collision, that is not the same as what you said at the 2000 meet in Arizona when you discussed the $2,000 right headlight. (and no, I have never charged $2,000 for a right headlight) Your lack of judgement in driving a car while impaired (no matter what your excuse may be) has apparently not changed. We do not differ in *opinion* on the ABS system which this thread was started about. I am letting owners know the facts about the consequences of being misled into doing something that is being presented to them by someone who apparently does not care about the safety of owners or their cars. If you can provide FACTUAL evidence that driving a vehicle without ABS is consistently safer than driving a car with ABS, I invite you to. If not, I encourage any owner that is in a collision because of your advice as "a professional mechanic" to personally sue you for giving such advice that could cost them their life. My insurance company will not allow me to sell used brake parts off the hydraulic system because the liability is so high. Converting a system would fall under that category. I send ABS units to a company who uses professionals that warranty their parts in writing and have more experience working on cars than your and my ages combined. I think the expertise of insurance companies to determine the appropriateness, risks and cost/benefits of having an ABS system or not is far greater than any single individual on this forum. For owners that may consider switching their factory ABS brake systems into a non-ABS system, please check your insurance policy to see if your car currently has the endorsement for "ABS discount". This not only applies to the TC, but to most modern cars and major insurance companies. Most insurance companies will give the discount to policy holders automatically if the cars VIN number indicates the presence of ABS. I invite forum members to read the article I wrote regarding this subject in the March 2013 TC America newsletter which was vetted by ASE Certified mechanics. It explains the ABS system in simple to understand language and explains how to assist in the troubleshooting of your ABS system, or to assist your mechanic if they are not familiar with the Chrysler version of the Teves system. The TC service manual refers to the 6500 Miller tool which is not necessary to diagnose the system. I have walked dozens of mechanics through the diagnosis process over the phone after they wasted a lot of time unsuccessfully trying to figure the system out. This has saved many owners hundreds of dollars and countless hours of aggravation by mechanics. Many times a $2 fuse can restart the system so the owner or mechanic can determine what is wrong to correct the problem quickly.
  7. Since I have never been in a front end collision and was not there to witness yours, your version would be much more entertaining than mine. I don't speculate, I prefer to use facts and evidence to back my statements, like insurance claim data to show ABS systems and airbags cause less damage to vehicles and their occupants.
  8. Hemi, I recall you wrecking your TC in a front end collision on your way to Arizona. Did that car have ABS? There is a reason insurance companies give discounts for vehicles with ABS systems and airbags. They have less claims. Out of the 200 salvage cars I have, not one of the owners said they were in a collision because the ABS system failed. Two of the last ones without ABS did, and regretted being conned into a hack job non-ABS system which in the end cost almost as much as having a proper high-quality remanufactured unit that would last another couple decades. With the ABS system the car can still stop with additional pressure from the driver if the pump fails - basically two levels of safety. With a basic non-ABS system if the master cylinder goes out the pedal goes to the floor and that's it. Having two levels of safety, ability to properly insure the vehicle, having a system that was designed, built and sold with the car seems like a much better set-up. Of course I have passion for the TC, and unlike you who made money off the cars and installing non-ABS systems, I have never taken a draw from TC parts. IRS considers us a "hobby". Every dollar is spent acquiring wrecked cars or finding ways to keep our cars on the road. I find parts for owners and only warranty items installed by an ASE certified mechanic to assure they are properly trained and proper installation is warrantied. Never having been in a front end collision and having ABS on all my cars but my Citroens and 1980's Imperials and 1964 Imperial (which I have replaced the master cylinder on) either makes me a real good driver or using the ABS to stop in rain and snow a real benefit. I don't consider not being in a collision being a wimp. Professional drivers have proven that stopping in a non-ABS system equipped vehicle can actually have shorter stopping distances, but most TC owners are not professionals and are in a panic situation when the ABS kicks in. That is where the ABS is the difference between damage or no damage - to the car or the occupants.
  9. Removing the ABS system from a TC is not a smart thing to do. Even my 1990 Chrysler Imperial has ABS, so Chrysler was already putting ABS systems in their cars in 1989. IF you do remove the ABS you are required to tell your insurance agent the car has been significantly modified and you may not be able to get it insured. If you are in a collision and the insurance company finds out you removed the ABS without notifying them, they could deny the claim. This was verified at the TC America National meet in May by one of the largest TC insurers in the country. I have an unusually high number of salvage TCs without ABS and totaled because of a front end collision. Grundy and Haggerty will not insure a TC with the ABS brakes removed. I have never had a TC brake failure in scores of cross country trips. Most failures are caused by lack of maintenance by the owner. I have one with 322,000 miles and the original ABS system still works just fine.
  10. That's the advantage of having 180 of these cars - they were all hand built so no two are the same and it is easy to pick out the production changes/improvements along the way. The later built TCs used the better working, higher pressure, slightly longer strut which held the hatch open fully and did not need the operator to "pull up" on it to open. Similar changes were made to the hood, trunk and tonneau.
  11. I wonder why they sell theirs for over $6 more than ours if they are direct vendors? For the other struts they are almost twice as expensive.
  12. Tom, Yes I will be there. We'll have plenty of struts and other items along. Besides parts available at the meets, we do free adjustments like throttle body cleaning and horn lubrication and distribute materials from prior TC America newsletters I have done articles for. Plus antenna, speedometer, door post, accumulator, and accessory repairs/installation demonstrations for fellow TC America Club members who are registered for the full event. I'm bringing a video from MotorWeek that explains the ABS system that so many of ours cars have issues with if not maintained properly. See you Sunday!
  13. It sounds like the Hall Effect Sensor (aka distributor pick-up sensor) is bad. Typical for the 4cyl turbo models.
  14. Call Chris at Turbo's Unleashed. He sells parts for the 16v engine, including the tensioner pulley. 602-76BOOST
  15. Bill, Just make sure you have the brake fluid flushed/bled, so all the old dark fluid is removed. ONLY use DOT 3 fluid, not synthetic or DOT 4.
  16. We have been selling Remanufactured ABS Systems for the TC for many years. You can call or email us for information.
  17. I personally saw this car. It is the infamous "Phoenix Chryslerati", a wrecked 1990 TC with a Lebaron front clip including a 2.2 engine with automatic transmission. The photos makes it look significantly better than it is..... it was not even worth $500 in parts as pretty much every part has some type of damage. It would not be able to pass AZ inspection.
  18. Hemi, My 1990 Imperial has the two sided key and lighted exterior door lock. They stay on for about 15 seconds. I always wondered why the Imperial had it but not the TC.
  19. All of the 1989 models with the one-sided key had the feature. Two sided keys with the '90 and up airbag models did not have it.
  20. Only the 1989 models had that feature.
  21. AutoZone sells a "generic" one for less than $50 and is the exact style and fit.
  22. Have you cleaned the throttle body? That may help solve the running rich problem. It is a 10 minute job and really helps reduce the V-6 stalling issues.
  23. Chris has been testing a gasket on one of my 16v cars for a few weeks. When I was driving it with the prototype gasket there were no leaks. Hopefully the testing will be done soon and Chris will have them available.
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