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  1. I was able to locate one in New Jersey at Berger Automotive Group Ocean Township 732.918.1100 $10.30
  2. just called local caddy dealer and says that part has been discontinued by general motors
  3. Thanks Hemi for all of your help.
  4. i checked through the service manual and there is little information. Would the whole unit need to be replaced or can the voltage regulator be replaced? Thanks
  5. I just got a code 46 battery overcharging and the battery guage is maxed. Is there a voltage regulator? I have an 89 dohc. I can use some ideas Thanks Roger
  6. Hi Hemi, what kind of led lights did you use? thx roger
  7. the only difference is the color of the tint at the top
  8. I had safelite install mine a couple of years back the sun tint at the top is a different color but it was watertight. Good Luck
  9. Rick Diogo rebuilt my 16v and installed an analog boost/vacuum and a digital air/fuel mix Roger
  10. i would be interested in one thx roger
  11. I believe it will only be a matter of time. I have two tc's and one heater core is bad
  12. I am interested in a set in ginger. Can you get a sample of the leather and color? I know where the leather comes from (cow) is it domestic or imported? An exact match, I think, is relative to the individual.... thx Roger
  13. is the black the only color option? thx roger
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