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1959 Oldsmobile Outside Rearview Mirror - Style and Mounting Location


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I have a friend with a beautiful, original 1959 Oldsmobile Super 88 Fiesta wagon, which currently has rearview mirrors mounted on both front fenders.

Based on the factory photos we've seen, we're guessing that all (or most) outside rearview mirrors for the '59 Oldsmobiles were dealer-installed accessories. Many of the photos show no outside rearview mirrors whatsoever. Is this correct?

Secondly, we think that the correct 1959 accessory outside rearview mirror was intended for door mounting rather than fender mounting. Again, is this correct? Was there a template to show the proper mounting location?

Finally, does anyone have a part number or image of the correct outside rearview mirror for these cars? As we look at photos of surviving and restored cars, we see various styles of mirrors, many of which are probably after-market units. Perhaps there was a 1959 accessory brochure that illustrates the correct mirror?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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The 59's are a little out of my era of expertise but in the mid fifties often left hand mirrors were standard from the factory but righties were added by the dealer and I have seen many right hand mirrors on the fenders. I can't imagine why, you barely had any field of view at that distance....Tedd

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When I bought my '62 Olds Dynamic 88 Fiesta wagon, the outside mirror was a period aftermarket piece that was mounted about a fourth of the way up the driver's side front fender; I have since removed it and mounted the factory correct mirror on the door as it is on my Starfire.

I know I'm not specifically answering your question as it pertains to the '59 Fiesta wagon, but given the practices of the era, it wouldn't surprise me that the mirror locations were different. The factory photographs from the time often have no outside mirror on the car for the promotional pic, for whatever reason; and even a few cars left the factory that way, as I guess it was an options back then (my friend's '63 Olds Starfire Coupe did not have an outside mirror).

Attached are a couple of pictures, one with the old aftermarket mirror on the fender, and another with the factory mirror on the door.



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'Cause it looked cool, Tedd!

I need to look in my '59 Service Guilds and see if they mention anything about mirrors like the '60 did.

Glenn, if you have a chance, that would be great!

Thanks to all for responding.

Does anyone know if there is a member of OCA or NAOC who is widely regarded as the "1959 Oldsmobile guru"?:)

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The 59 SG addresses a remote control mirror repair package, but nothing as far as mounting instructions.

But, I did find some Training Center class pictures including one from Los Angeles Area Dealers' Advanced Vocational Training Program classes. These were vo-tech classes for young guys interested in becoming mechanics and Oldsmobile dealers would sponsor these boys to attend the training. If they did well, odds are they were offered a mechanic job at their sponsoring dealership.

Two LA dealers that are well known to Oldsworld each sponsored a boy- Nowling's Oldsmobile and Albertson Bros. Oldsmobile. Nowling actually sponsored two boys for that 5-week training class in Burbank- Dave Boyle and George Bechtloff, who appeared to be 18-19 years old in the May 1959 pic. Sure they're retired by now!

These Training Center pics also indicate that there were a lot of Olds dealers dualled with another usually GM brand, and often farm equipment dealers.

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