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  1. A test of the resistor or the wiring that feeds it can be done in a few seconds buy jumping from the + side of the battery bypassing the resistor and going to the + side of the coil.Try and start the car. If it doesn't pop or start in a few seconds take the jumper off or the points will burn. but that will tell you if the ballast resistor is defective or if the wiring is jacked up somewhere between the key and the coil..... Tedd
  2. Or a badly burnt valve if it is constant usuall pops back through the carb though.... Tedd
  3. Can you hear a leaky swish sound on the miss at the exhaust pipe? Sounds like it maybe a burnt valve. A compression test would tell if it is and what cylinder. Other than that it could be a multiple of things, wires, plugs carb setting, bad points, vacuum leak, hard to tell from afar. If mine I would do a compression test first it will tell you more than just if a valve is bad but also what shape the internals of the engine is in... Tedd
  4. Have you tried Chevies of the forties site? Others have found that some body parts will interchange with Old's. This is just a shot in the dark... Tedd https://www.chevsofthe40s.com/
  5. That is strange, Is there room to remove the pan with out pulling the motor? This is a problem with a 55 but may not be with a 57.... Tedd
  6. Try this link, same problem on the Classic Oldsmobile forum..... Tedd https://classicoldsmobile.com/forums/vintage-oldsmobiles/37665-hood-springs-1956-a.html
  7. I can't think of anything that would hang on or catch the dipstick.. First generation Oldsmobile dipsticks are quite stout have you tried the Vicegrip and hammer approach ? ... Tedd
  8. I always use a hardener on engines or anything that may get gas on it But I almost always have a auto paint store match my paint and use a hardener for that brand of paint. A hardener will also help keep the sheen from oxidizing much longer than paint with out it.... Tedd
  9. It should interchange and all the early Hydra- Matics were 4 speeds so they both should have the super gear though may not read so on the column. I don't think the tail shafts were longer in 98's compared to 88's but a quick check with a tape measure would tell if you have both transmissions ..... Tedd
  10. Standard or automatic?. What area are you located in and can your old transmission be rebuilt?..... Tedd
  11. Any air cleaner that will fit a Rochester 4GC should work. There use to be an adapter that would bush up the smaller size throat of the 4GC to fit the later and larger Q Jet and AFB air cleaners, I haven't seen one advertised lately but there again I haven't been looking for one ether.....Tedd
  12. Will this help identify the pan in question https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=SGMedia&hsimp=yhs-sgm_fb&type=ss_ch_ds_ox&p=1955%20oldsmobile%20transmission%20Images
  13. Oil is like a woman's hair color everyone likes something just a little different. That being said what ever oil you choose be sure that it contains enough zddp (zinc) to keep your valve train alive and well. I use Rotella T 15-40 and prefer red heads Your mileage may differ.... Tedd
  14. On my slant pan 55 model it reads 21 5/8, could be 1/16 shorter depending on where in the dipstick cup you place the tape measure. All 54's should be slant pan transmissions...... Tedd
  15. I found most everything I needed at a local fastener store.Some fasteners looked somewhat different but worked just fine so take your clips in and match them up. This shop supplied fasteners for most of the local body shops in the area This was for my 55 but it's doubtful there is much difference between the two models except the width of the clips....Tedd
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