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  1. A test of the resistor or the wiring that feeds it can be done in a few seconds buy jumping from the + side of the battery bypassing the resistor and going to the + side of the coil.Try and start the car. If it doesn't pop or start in a few seconds take the jumper off or the points will burn. but that will tell you if the ballast resistor is defective or if the wiring is jacked up somewhere between the key and the coil..... Tedd
  2. I always use a hardener on engines or anything that may get gas on it But I almost always have a auto paint store match my paint and use a hardener for that brand of paint. A hardener will also help keep the sheen from oxidizing much longer than paint with out it.... Tedd
  3. I found most everything I needed at a local fastener store.Some fasteners looked somewhat different but worked just fine so take your clips in and match them up. This shop supplied fasteners for most of the local body shops in the area This was for my 55 but it's doubtful there is much difference between the two models except the width of the clips....Tedd
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