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packard adonis ornament or mold questions

Guest chowda

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Hey all,

First time here, just trying to figure out what this was.

I found them in my grandfather's estate. I know that the one is the adonis riding a wave hood ornament (or mold), but the other is a ceramic casting of the first. There is a number on the base 18-219...

Is the hood ornament real? It's lead and pretty heavy.

Why would you make a ceramic casting of it? Just as a conversation piece?

And finally, what's the value on something like this. Tough to find originals (if it is) on ebay. all repros.

Thanks a bunch




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Did you see all the pictures because I think one is the mold and one is the pattern. I may be wrong but the lead would be the mold and the ceramic would be the pattern. No?

Or are you saying is the lead is a pattern made from an original hood ornament and the ceramic is a copy of a copy?

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Obviously not a mold. A mold is a hollow form in which you pour molten metal or liquid plastic.

If there is no documentation to go with your pattern (or identifying markings linking them to the Packard Motor Car company), the patterns really don''t have any historical value. Unless a mascot historian or an expert in casting techniques can tell you that they "may" have been made in the late 1920s, when the ornament was first used, they are basically interesting art pieces.

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