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Upcoming Pa auction-field cars

Dave Mellor NJ

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Fun to look at the photos but not a lot there of much value. Parts yes. The problem is I wish yards like this that are long in the tooth would take good parts off and start ebay auctions at $1.00 and just put some of the remaining good parts out in circulation.

As it is, I can see many of these going to the crusher with some good vehicle specific trim that will be lost forever.

The cynical person in me (not always correct) wonders if the yard owners were asking way too much for parts (like some yards) and people just didn't bother.

Now it's too late...

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Guest Gary Hearn

Being the good skiptracer that I am, my information points to this is the remaining stock of Don's & Sons, a junk yard. Do a Google search on the address (370 Yocumtown Rd Etters, PA 17319) and then click on the map and take a look at the satellite image. Looks like many more vehicles used to be there in the past.

For those not familiar with the area, the auction is being held a couple of miles from 3 Mile Island.

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