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Unknown Old Teens Twenties Racing Carburator???


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Both the bowl cover and the dashpot cover appear to be Rayfield.

Some of the Rayfields were unmarked except for the bowl cover. Are there any tiny holes in the bowl cover that could have once had tacks for a data plate?

Anyway, my vote is Rayfield, or a blatant copy.


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Early Paige 1920's Model 6-66 engines used Rayfield carburetors. Paiges were supposedly the fastest stock-manufactured cars in 1921. There is a 1921 Paige for sale on Hyman's website, incomplete and needing a huge amount of work, which is pictured, including its Rayfield carb. It looks like yours. I looked at the Hyman Paige in person and your carb appears close if not identical. If you Google Rayfield, you'll eventually see models very much like yours.

(My Kissels use Strombergs) Thanks, RON HAUSMANN

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