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new here with more museum pic's


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hello to you all

my name is jan and I live in the netherlands

my hobby is colecting an identifying old car parts fron a cleard yard in belgium

I try to build a sort of museum

I am also try to restore a 54 buick but that's not easy to do

I have hundreds parts and I dont know everithing

so I need your help to identify some of them


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Guest noncompos

Now that's going to be a real needle-in-the-haystack sort of a search...I assume you're also collecting a library of car books--pictorial encyclopedia types--US, Brit, Euro, world, for references...and trucks, if the yard wrecked trucks as well as cars...or tractors...or???

Headlight and tailight lenses, at least here, often had a number or letter (or both) combination embossed in the glass, which I understand ID'd the mfr and sometimes the make vehicle it was made for (I'm open to correction on this point) Those teardrop shaped headlight lenses, here in the US, would be 37-41 or thereabouts...I assume you're making up a database of such markings, incl stamped/embossed ones on cast iron etc parts, for your own reference...

Actually I'm open to correction on everything I say, except my name...

I assume you've invitied members of the local old car etc groups to view your museum (I'm GREEN with envy!!) for suggestions...do you have any info from the yard owner or any yard workers if the yard specialized in any particular countries' products or just took whatever came in???

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I have known the yard owner verry good

he past away in 2007 and his son (an animal doctor) has no intrest in cars

for what i know the yard had cars from manny country's

mostly usa and canadian

I have bought manny parts from the yard before they cleared it and found out that there are parts from the 20's to the 60's

only a few people know the museum

here a few more detail pic's



I also try to recreate a peace of cleared forest

crazy or not I like it


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