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Wanted: Orient Buckboard parts


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1906-1908 Orient Buckboard Metz engine crankcase. This is a 2 piece aluminum crank case block for an Orient Buckboard 4 HP aircooled engine. This is for 1906,1907,and 1908, models which had friction drive transmissions. It will NOT work with a direct drive 1902,1903,1904,1905, Orient Buckboard motor. This is also NOT interchangeable either with French Aster or De Dion Bouton engines which were used on tricycles and quadricycles built in 1898,1899,1900,1901 by Charles Metz and the Waltham Manufacturing Company Co. Waltham,Mass. One of the 4 head bolt shafts was missing,but a spare from a broken engine is included,and can easily be reinserted into the block with solder,epoxy glue,etc. These are becoming quite scarce and is in really nice shape! Price: $295.00.Packing and shipping in the USA or overseas is actual costs. Questions to me at gnalbright@gmail.com Thanks,George Albright,Ocala,Fla.











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Guest Silverghost


You always have some great & very rare early historic auto parts for sale !

Your listings always surprise and impress me !

Where do you find all these great rare early parts ?

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