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Remote light control. A bit OT.


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I'd like to turn on/off outside flood lights on the barn and shop from my house but would like to do it without digging up the ground for wires. Distance is about 250'. Does anyone sell a radio type set up for that? Thanks.........Bob

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Bob, A couple of suggestions:

1. Controlight Specialties, LLC » Remote Control Lighting Company claims 500 foot range. $230.

2. Look for Velleman controllers & receivers. They operate in UHF frequency band and may have the 250 foot range. $60

3. Look into GE Z-wave system vs X-10 system range still may only be 100 feet.

4. Garage Openers & Remotes | Electric Gates | Gate Operators & Keypads Gate House has controllers for all garage doors. Suggest calling them with problem. Claim is one controller has 10 mile range.

5. Try simple wireless light controller (GE brand) from Lowes. Mount receiver high up as height extends the stated range by 200%. It may work.

6. Ask this question on Garagejournal.com

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I agree with Friartuck that you should try the simple controller first from Lowes or Home Depot first. these are useful for upstair lights when you don't have a three way switch. They might have some with the range you need. you might also need a relay if you have too much load or multiple circuits.(licensed electrician, retired).

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