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Heater Control Valve

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The heater water control valve on my '50 Special leaks, suprise,suprise! Replacement rebuilt units are available. BUT the banker [myself] is getting tightfisted. SO.

Somewhere in the last year or so I saw an article on self repairing one of these. Don't remember where, online, magazine, etc. If someone can lead me to that or another article on same, you will be right up there with my other heroes.



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Guest Straight eight


Welcome. Thanks for looking at my web site. I rebuild Harrison and Ranco heater control valves for automobiles 1940-1969. NOTE: The Everhot valves (manufacturer), which usually have silver or cadmium plated tubes, are not rebuildable. I also have new valves from 1950-1975 for all makes of automobiles and light trucks. I have over twenty years of experience and do all the work myself. The work is guaranteed for one year.

I found this web site listed, don't know if it will help, but thought I'd put it here for your information

I use all new neoprene parts where necessary. Valves are disassembled, bead blasted, cleaned, and straightened when necessary. I reassemble and protect the valves with a clear coat. All work is done on site. Feel free to call or e-mail me, but I prefer to talk to you personally on the phone. I am home during the day 8AM-5PM pacific standard time (San Diego California area).

phone: 760-749-3488

e-mail: jthcv@juno.com

In this gallery is a small sampling of the valves I rebuilt and some components. Click on the pictures for a larger picture and more details.








Jim Tucker

29597 Paso Robles Road

Valley Center CA. 92082



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I once had a customer with a '53 Cadillac. The heater valve had leaked under the dash and ruined his carpets. It was a car he only drove in the summer and his wife still remembers how hot the under-seat heater could be when it was out of control.

Since he did not use the heater, we soldered nominal 1/2" copper caps on the valve. The actual diameter is 5/8" so the hoses slid right over and it looked fine, just no heat, no leaks. It might be a fix for Missouri summers.


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Guest merlin99

Maybe this is the article you are looking for. Ranco is a common manufacturer.

Add a w infront of this link, and copy to your browser. Brings up a how to PDF


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I have had two of these cars. One I was not so precious about it being original and I did a non original fix. I put a shut off valve in the engine bay. I controlled it by a choke cable and pull knob mounted under the dash. I left the non working origianl disconnected and in place.

I was lucky with my second 1950 in that it has less miles and the valve did not leak.

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I went to that Packard site HERE and disassembled 7 and have created 5 working units.

My local NAPA was able to get me each seal for less than $12.

If the unit has ever been rebuilt previously you are screwed...metal tabs can only be bent so many times.

If the thermostat portion of the unit is defective you cannot shut it off. Discard and substitute a spring where the disc goes. This will give you ON-OFF function only with no good regulation (those things never worked that good anyhow).

It beats the gate valve I had installed under the hood.


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