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Another Horn


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No trace of any other color present including right at the joint line. There is a drain hole just above the mounting bracket which should mean that it mounted in an upright position to the bracket. No voltage designation which means it should be 6 volts. There is an adjustment screw between the hard wired connection under the cover to compensate for wear? The screen in the horn is reminiscent of a Model A Ford and should indicate that it is installed to keep bugs out, at speed, usually in rural areas and not at sea? The assembly is riveted together and does not look to be rebuildable?

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Tom-- It's aftermarket, I got one just like it,including the color, hanging in my shop. My father bought it over sixty years ago at the local Western Auto store. It replaced the original faulty horn on my Grandfathers(his fathers) '37 Ford. They were always referred to as a "peep" horn for the sound they made.--Bob

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