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Insurance for My Rockne

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Does anyone have a good resource that I can use to get insurance on My Rockne other than insurance that I can only drive it to shows or parades?? I really would like to use it during the summer time as a daily driver. Thanks

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The reason collector car insurance comes at lower premium than everyday driver insurance is that the underwriters work on the assumption that you are not going to drive it every day, hence the "show, parade, or club activity" or similar limitations are simply a way to limit the policy to people who will truly use the vehicle in a manor consistent with that assumption.... for many in the hobby, that is not a limitation at all as such times are the only times the cars exits the garage anyways. If you wish to use your car as an every day or every sunny day driver, insure it as one. An antique car can be insured by the same type of policy as whatever else you drive every day. If you are concerned about the evil things insurance companies do to you when trying to repair a car on the cheap and only being willing to pay for repairs that fall seriously sub-par for the type of vehicle, look into some form of agreed value coverage, which most companies now offer... you then, at least, have the option of forcing the vehicle totaled to get the value out of it. I understand it to be easier to do than you would think. Simply refuse that any proposed repair will make you whole and that you have no intention of owning a cobbled up car. You might have to sue, but should win unless your contract expressly states that repairs are subject to the ins. companies approval and not yours... some contracts actually state that you don't have to be happy with the repair... watch out for those.

I have not found an answer to getting a non collector car insurance company to pay restoration shop rates for repairs. Although the thought of paying a high agreed value claim might help.

I'm still in the mix of a horrid court battle to get an insurance company to finish paying for the substandard repairs they forced my hand into accepting.... but hey, I will soon have a bondo'd up car for sale that I spent a decade and a half trying to get and only had six months to enjoy before a small accident and an evil corporation took all the joy out of ownership. rant rant rant.

At least it made me do enough research to perhaps be helpful to others.

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My Wagonaire (and other Studebakers I've owned) were all insured by the State Farm agent I've used since high school for auto, home, and business. They give me a good rate on agreed value policies - better than collector car policies I've investigated. I can drive it all I want.

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