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Wood source for 1920/30 Buicks


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A few weeks back there was a post looking for someone that was making wood body framework for the early cars. Here is one source that I just found out above.

Hi John,

I am the guy who is re-wooding your model and year Buick. Attached are photos as of today, June 5. The brought me sticks, stubs and doggy food bags of old wood pieces of his car. I am a good detective.

I have been supplying wood kits for 1933 thru 1936 General Motors bodies for the past 28 years. That is how Rick found me, he bought a cab kit for his 35 Chevrolet pickup about three years ago and asked me if I would tackle the Buick.

When I am all done, I will send you a complete set of photos which you may do whatever with. Not sure if you ever saw the interior of one of these cars but this is what a 1928 Model 28/29 looks like.

Attached are a few photos of my other work..1935 Chevrlet Suburban and some other pics.


Dave Entler


717-968-2751 Cell









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