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1988 Reatta

Reatta Stu

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Feed it ?

More seriously a howl could be a lot of things. When is it happening and where is the howl comoing from ? (Allatime and from the engine compartment is possibly an alternator bearing, only on turns - a wheel bearing)

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Guest Bobby Valines

When your having a problem with your car and want help. The more information you can give and the more specific you can be, the more they can help. Let us know how many miles are on car,where noise is coming from, when you turn right or left, only when your moving, only in first gear, when you first turn key on, before motor starts, after motor starts i can go on and on. I have seen people here bend over backwards to help people and I'm sure we will see it again. You have to give them the tools to work with and the only tools we have here is Communion.

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