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  1. Drove my '90 Vert for the first time since last fall. The interior blower fan will NOT shut off. Pulled the fuse I thought was for it, as well as a couple others - Still continued to run. Did unplug the connector to the fan that is under the hood - this did shut it off. I cleaned both the plug and receptacle with 'dust blaster / canned air - fan continues to run when plugged back in. What is the next logical step to fix? I AM NO WAY/NO HOW MECHANICALLY INCLINED. Thanks
  2. Where there's a will there's a way. I had a '78 Subaru Brat back in '78. Got the T-Shirt too.
  3. This may be the consigning dealer??? Welcome to Horseless Carriages in Wales, Maine (207)375-4823
  4. After about a week my window jumped the track again. This time when I reinstalled it, I also noticed a slight groove in the center stop where the window would come to rest. Also the track seemed 'sharp' at the bottom, as if it was broken. Anyway, I attached a piece of slit open rubber hose to the stop (about 3/16 thick). Its been working fine for about three weeks.
  5. It did work, thank you. I rolled it up and down a few times, but haven't had the car out since the repair.
  6. After stepping away for a while.....I was able to get 'back on track'. We are good to go -- for now at least. Thanks Again for the help.
  7. When reinstalling the vent frame/tracking, what position did you have the window. If I put the window into the frame while UP I can't get the frame back into position. If I put the frame back into the door (without attaching hardware) I can't get the window back in the frame. I know I'm missing something here -- common sense maybe?
  8. That will be great. Mine is due for inspection in June anyway. If its over my head, I'll give the instructions to my mechanic.
  9. I'm having the exact same issue and the bonded portion seems to be intact. I have the door panel and speaker removed but am at a loss as to the next step. I see the body bolts at the bottom, and the small screw at the top of the plastic track. Is this what you removed? If so (or even if not) can you give a detailed, step by step, description of the procedure you used to correct the problem Others are certainly welcome to give input as well
  10. That's what's great about this forum. Thanks
  11. I'm not sure if I will replace the motors just yet. The car is basically a great running parts car (one of three 90s I have).
  12. Broken wire in the 'snake' between the body and the door. Both windows working now. Will still need a drivers side motor some day.
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