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1937 1938 headlights


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They are different, apart from the side trim which is less patterned on the 38 headlamp, the aduster is different, on the reverse of the 37 shell the lens adjuster is proud of the shell and on the 38 it sits lower down inside the shell

Pics attached that show the difference, the 37 shell side trim matches the fender light trim, as does the 38, but as you will see they are different, each pic has the year in the description

Hope that helps, and I am looking for a very good pair of either 37 shells, or complete lamps or the 37 side trims






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While I cannot say that the Fisher bodied 1937 Buicks and the 1937 McLaughlin Buicks use the exact same headlight components, my Buick of Canada mechanical parts catalog pictures of the various models shows 1937 Canadian Buicks to have the same or a similar side trim piece as the Fisher bodied Buicks. Also, the 1937 McLaughlin Buicks that I have seen and those visible on a Google Image search all seem to show the headlight side trim so I think it is safe to say that the answer to your question is that the car should have the headlight side trim. 

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