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Pate Museum - Texas - closing


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Just found out that the Pate museum is closing, went to quite a few flea markets there long ago, and toured the museum many times. Another one bites the dust. Not a huge collection, but some nice cars, will be interesting to see what happens to them, the family obviously don't really have any desire to maintain them.

Farewell to the Pate Museum (MANY photos) - DFWstangs Forums

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David, we spent many days enduring the dust, the mud, the rocks, and the hills of the original Pate Ranch, before Aggie Pate's passing, and before the swap meet moved to the racetrack-- good thing we were both much younger - bought and sold alot of good stuff - met a lot of good folks. Boats, railroad Cars, Almost anything you could think of, including a partially-built '69 Corvair that was still on the assembly line when it was shut-down.

My space was right in front of the corral and windmill at the top of the hill, and we got the occasional "horse-laugh" straight from the horse's mouth at some inappropriate times - some horsey romantic activity too!!

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I can see why they are selling it. Forget about the money they will get from the sale, just think about all of the work to just keep the place clean!

I'm sure that the ticket sales don't even come close to the interest lost on the value of the collection

It would take an army of volunteers to wash and wax them, not to mention the upkeep on a wood boat or an airplane outdoors.

Even if they had several clubs to volunteer, the task of origination would be overwhelming and under paid.

Maybe if they sold the outside collection and some of the lesser desirable items, there would be enough money for a small staff to keep it up with some volunteers.

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