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ANOTHER Old, Old Procelain Shop Light

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I seem to have the corner on the market for green porcelain shop or gas station lights. Here's a little different green porcelain gas station light fixture....a design not as readily seen as some others.

Green porcelain exterior has a number of chips, as does the white porcelain interior. Most blems should be evident in the photos. Get yourself a porcelain bulb socket from Lowes or Home Depot and you'll be good to go.

14" outer diameter by approximately 5-1/2" high. Just $25, plus the actual cost of shipping. Thanks for looking. John



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i have one very simalir in my workshop , it came out of a body shop i worked in way back in the dark ages(1960,s) it takes a 650 watt light bulb, it lights the shop up almost like daylight , but i dont use it to often as the power meter board spins flat out when it is on .

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